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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Release the hounds!. . . .

Did I say hounds?. . .um, I meant c*o*w*s. 

Now that the girls have aclimated to their new home, they're free to come and go to the pasture as they please.  This is what cows do best: turning healthy graze into healthy meat and milk.  Beef cows are particularly efficient at converting grass into muscle. 

MaryAnne eats apple leaves with impunity. 
Fencing? Schmencing!

How do I get fabulous closeups, you might ask?  Flat on my belly in wet grass, with 1500 lbs. combined weight of not-so-tame burly beef and bone ready to squash my big soft head with little to no provocation. 
My middle name is "Danger."
(I know someone reading this will get that joke.)
(I'm talking to you, C.)

And you thought this was --- yet another --- Quilting Blog.


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