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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Uh oh. . . . . times three

Remember my perch upon the hay bales?  'Tis to be no more.  Suspicions have been confirmed:

Horribly tiny, cringingly cute, and painfully vulnerable:
A very petite tuxedo cat has been hanging around the property for some time now, off and on for perhaps two years.  Just when we think it's been made into coyote-snack, it turns up again.  Very wary, cautious, and quite feral.  So little tuxedo cat has been caught spending time in the barn recently.  Close examination of it's swiftly retreating self revealed a somewhat full-ish belly.  I began to suspect that "it" was in fact a "she". . . . a rather pregnant she.  Well, that was several days ago.  Turns out that pendulous swing to her belly was due to post-partum flab.  The triplets are 2-3 weeks old.  We'll keep all parties safe until weaned and adoptable through our local chapter of The Humane Society.

But really.
Darn it all.

Spay and neuter, peeps, spay and neuter.

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