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Friday, November 2, 2012

It's not Wordless Wednesday, or even Thoughtful Thursday....

It must be *Finally Sewing Friday*!  Yeesh, my favorite room in the house, and I'm hardly ever there. 
Something is deeply wrong with that, I say.
Some long-overdue finishing is occurring.....deo gratius, I need to actually get this monster on a bed.
Mostly Amy Butler scraps, some Kaffe Fassetts,  and whatever else I had laying around at the time. It's an offset barn-raising layout, since symmetry sort of runs against my nature.  Big Reveal at a later date.
And for those of you who have sent well-wishes and emails regarding Darling Chimay, she is greatly improved.  Not out of the woods yet, but we're all quite hopeful this was a one-time-only event.  She's temporarily on high-dose steroids, which necessitates the need for leashing her, as she wanders off to empty her bladder at a second's notice. 
Wrote a nice fat check to the carpet cleaner. 
Lesson learned.
She's cute, isn't she.  We sure love her.

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